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BackyardSportCourt offers custom sized jordan basketball courts and standard basketball court kits. In addition, our basketball court flooring is suitable for the construction of backyard sports courts. You can add any logo or signature you like to the floor. We will paint them for you.

How to make a Jordan basketball Court

Many basketball fans regard michael jordan as an idol, and they all hope to make a michael jordan home basketball court of their own. Usually, because everyone’s backyard space is a different size. Therefore, the size of the basketball court they want to build is also different. Usually 30’×30′, 25’×40′, 11m×15m are some commonly used options. After sizing, you’ll need to clear and build a concrete base in the backyard. Then install the basketball court floor on it and make game lines and logos.

You can buy our jordan basketball court kit or flooring and install it yourself. Or contact us to provide you with on-site installation services.

michael jordan home basketball court

Our Basketball Court Solutions

BackyardSportCourt is a professional basketball court construction company located in the United States, we have more than 10 years of experience in sports court construction. We provide construction services for private sports fields as well as commercial sports field projects for sports enthusiasts in all states. The difference is that our floors come from the most innovative manufacturers. They are equipped with shock absorbing devices, so our outdoor basketball court tiles have the experience of an indoor wood floor basketball court. In addition, our sports floor has passed CE testing and FIBA certification.

Our Basketball court Tiles Benefits

According to FIBA APPROVED EQUIPMENT GUIDE, the ball rebound, friction and impact absorption of a basketball court are the criteria for evaluating whether a basketball court is qualified and professional. This not only affects the experience of athletes but also affects people’s physical health to a large extent.

the basketball rebounds consistently on the court floor

predictable ball bounce

When playing on our floor, you don’t have to worry about “dead point”, no matter which area the basketball lands on the ground, its rebound direction is the same. It even has the same performance when the basketball lands on the joint of the floor. In addition, we provide free samples for customers to test.

textured surface

Our floors feature an advanced textured surface. It can reduce the reflection of sunlight on it, so as to avoid the glare of the floor when exercising. In addition, it increases the friction of the tiles, reducing the chance of athletes falling. Best of all, the texture won’t let your skin chafe on it.

Anti-slip performance of basketball court floor
sports flooring cushions

Shock absorption

The biggest problem with playing on concrete is that it has poor shock absorption, and playing on it for long periods of time can seriously damage a player’s joints. The white particles in the picture are the shock absorption equipment of our floor, which can provide the ultimate impact absorption. This is the patent and differentiated selling point of our flooring.

Our Jordan basketball Court Kits

Check out our basketball court kits for prices and buy direct, we’ll ship it to your door. In addition, you can also leave us a message and contact us to customize different sizes of Jordan basketball court.

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