indoor basketball court flooring

Indoor Basketball Court Flooring

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BackyardSportCourt provides modular indoor basketball court flooring. They are durable, easy to install and cost-effective. In addition, when players play basketball on it, they will experience a professional sports feeling similar to a wooden floor. Therefore, our floorings are favored by indoor basketball clubs, basketball training schools, and stadium venues.

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Our Indoor Basketball Tiles

There are many kinds of surface materials for indoor basketball courts. Usually, wood floors are the best choice, but their construction and maintenance costs are too high for most people to afford. Our modular indoor sports court flooring solves this problem. It is made of environmentally friendly PP plastic material. As a result, it offers unrivaled durability at an affordable price.

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BackyardSportCourt Indoor Basketball Court Solution

BackyardSportCourt is located in KY, United States. We are not only a well-known sport courts builder locally. We also provide all kinds of sport court kits and customized sports flooring. Therefore, we can serve customers all over the world. Our indoor basketball court solution uses a seamless surface with shock absorption. It has the characteristics of shock absorption while ensuring good anti-slip!

Advantages of Our Indoor Basketball Flooring

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Premium Shock Absorption

Your lower body joints will be protected as you bounce on our indoor basketball court flooring. This is thanks to the shock-absorbing mats that our floors are equipped with. They are evenly distributed on the bottom of the floor and in contact with the hard ground. It distributes the rebound force from your legs. In other words, it provides shock absorption and meet FIBA standard. Because they’re evenly spaced, they don’t affect how your feet feel on top. This is an incredibly innovative and useful design.

Non-slip and seamless surface

Our indoor sports flooring features a textured design. This design increases the friction between the shoe and the floor. In other words, our basketball floor is very slip-resistant, reducing the possibility of falling during exercise. Besides, the color of the surface is optional, we provide more than 10 standard colors for you to choose. Even though our floors are modular, when you put them together to complete the construction of the basketball court, you will find that the surface is seamless! This is because we have precisely controlled the spacing between the floors.

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