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Temporary Basketball Court

Sports court construction experts near you.

BackyardSportCourt provides professional temporary basketball court solutions. Our modular basketball flooring can be installed on any flat surface. You can complete installation and removal in a few hours, and it has a lot of customization options. Therefore, it is suitable for the construction of competition sport courts, community activities, and commercial basketball court projects.

How to make a Temporary Basketball Court

Use our temporary court flooring to build a sports court, you will not have to worry about construction. Our floors are connected by snaps. Therefore, you don’t need any tools. Firstly, ensure that the court base is flat, and then install the first floor from a corner. Next check the installation drawings and complete the rest of the flooring like a puzzle. We have already painted the game lines on tiles before shipping. But after you put each tile together, the game lines are automatically finished.

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Our High-Quality Portable Sports Flooring Solutions

BackyardSportCourt offers state-of-the-art sports flooring solutions specially designed for temporary basketball court. The performance of our flooring fully complies with FIBA’s parameter requirements for outdoor basketball court materials. In other words, our sports court solutions are professional, safe and durable.

The Benefits of Our Temporary Basketball Court

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Flexibility: Can be installed on grass

With our modular flooring, you can build a professional-grade sport court almost anywhere in a matter of hours. In order to ensure that the basketball court has a consistent ball bounce direction, you need to ensure that the base is flat. Combined with our “Fundation Mat”, you can even make a temporary basketball court on the grass. This portable flooring solution is ideal for tournaments and commercial events!


BackyardSportCourt can provide you with comprehensive customized services. Customization options include: court size, logo, colors and design. Some commercial activities will choose to add a brand logo on their court for publicity. You can also choose colors that match your branding to keep the court looking great! If other custom options are required, please feel free to contact us.

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Professional & Safe: Absorption & Anti-Slip

Safety is paramount when engaging in physical activity. Our sports flooring materials are carefully engineered. The cushioned surface helps reduce joint stress and minimize fatigue, ensuring players perform at their best for longer periods of time. In addition, our basketball court floor surface has excellent slip resistance to keep players stable and in control.

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