25x25 basketball court in home backyard

Build A Professional Small Backyard Basketball Court For Family

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The small backyard basketball court makes full use of the limited backyard space and turns it into a venue for physical exercise. Building a backyard court allows you to play basketball with your family anytime you want. BackyardSportCourt provides building solutions and professional sports tiles for any size home sport court. Build a dream court for your kids now!

family sport court for tracking basketball skills

Owning a backyard court gives you many benefits in terms of body, psychology, and house value.

  • Basketball is a high-intensity sport that works the whole body. Unlike traditional workouts, people can develop agility, strength and speed all at the same time while playing basketball.
  • If you own a small backyard basketball court you can play with your family. This allows parents and children to have more time and topics to spend together. In other words, it is a bond that promotes family relationships.
  • The sport court will make your kid a star among his peers! They will come to your backyard to play basketball together, and your children will have some good friends!
  • In general, a good backyard playground can add value to a home.

How to Make A Small Backyard Basketball Court

BackyardSportCourt is a professional sports flooring supplier, we offer custom courts and some backyard sports court kits. If you use our tiles or kits, you can easily realize your backyard court fantasies. If you use our tiles, you need the following 4 steps to build the sports field.

  1. Level the backyard and build a concrete foundation. Generally, we recommend a thickness of 4 inches for concrete.
  2. Tell us the court length, width and your needs, our professional team will design the court drawings. Then you can choose the tiles you like and meet your budget.
  3. BackyardSportCourt will draw basketball lines on the tiles according to the drawings and pack them. Then we will call the shipping company to deliver the goods to the customers’ hands.
  4. When you receive our floor, you can to read our installation manual。Even if you have no experience, you can complete the basketball court installation within a few hours.
25x25 basketball court in home backyard

BackyardSportCourt Court Flooring

BackyardSportCourt sports flooring is best material for basketball court construction. We pay great attention to the safety of playing sports, so we set up shock-absorbing equipment at the bottom of the floor. This equipment can reduce the risk of player’s leg injury. This is very important for kids.

high impact absorption

Our tiles are made of PP material, which has better impact absorption ability than concrete. But in order to better protect children’s joint health, we add white shock-absorbing particles to the bottom of our floor. These shock absorbers greatly improve the impact absorption capacity of the floor and make them meet FIBA standards.

Good anti-slip

The textured surface of our floors increases the friction between the shoes and the floor to prevent slipping during movement.

outdoor sport court tiles
jordan logo sport court

fully customizable

At BackyardSportCourt, you can not only customize the size of the basketball court but also add your favorite logo. For example, the jordan logo is the choice of most people, and we will help customers draw it on the floor in advance.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about not being able to practice your three-point shooting ability in the small backyard basketball court. Our designers will add the three-point line according to the needs of customers, so that you can enjoy the functions of standard venues!

small backyard basketball court Price

We have provided some commonly used sport court kits, you can click and find out their prices. The prices include shipping costs. In addition, you can also contact us to get a quotation for custom size court.

BackyardSportCourt Court Gallery

Here are photos shared by some of our clients, where you can get backyard basketball court ideas.

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