outdoor sport court

Outdoor sport court

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High Performance Outdoor Sport Court Builder

Backyard Sport Court make all kinds of outdoor sport court for people. Whether you want to build a basketball court, tennis or the now-popular pickleball court, etc., you can confidently entrust your yard to us for design and construction.

What’s more, we can integrate multiple sports into one court for the whole family. For example, designing basketball court , tennis court and pickleball court into one sport court.

Outdoor Sport Court Types

sport basketball court


Professional Design Service

Our designer Jame is the perfect space user. Because whether it is renovating or building an outdoor sport court, he can make good use of the space in the backyard.

In addition, he can make some suggestions for customers on color selection, which can be well matched with the custom logo.

Finally, Jame will make renderings and it can help you get an early look at what your dream sport court will look like.

home outdoor sport court playground
adidas tennis court

Reliable Quality Assurance

The floors we use are proven in the market and in different climates. First, some well-known event holder chose it to make sport courts. Secondly, in the hundreds of courses we have built, it has never had any quality issues, whether in cold weather or hot weather.

Our team will provide customers with the corresponding warranty documents after completing the installation of the court. If there is any problem during this period, please contact us for maintenance.

Installation services tailored to you

Install sports floor, accessories and draw lines with precision and speed by our professional team. Whether you have a concrete base that needs to resurface the surface or need build a new concrete base to make a court, there is a solution for you!

outdoor sport court installation
outdoor tennis sport court built in swimming pool

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