backyard basketball court

Backyard basketball court

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Backyard Basketball Court Contractor

BackyardSportCourt is a licensed professional basketball court contractor, we provide new construction and resurfacing solutions for backyard basketball court. Build your dream sports court and start here.

Our Advantages / Why Choose Us?


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10 Years Experience

We have built more than 500 sports courts and the problems encountered during the construction process have enriched our experience. We can complete the construction of courts quickly and with high quality in any environment.


Custom Size

Every family’s backyard is different, but don’t worry, we have a custom service for everyone. You can plan out a backyard basketball court based on the size of your backyard open space and we’ll get it done. Any size is possible.


Installation Service

Of course we will come to your door to install the basketball tiles for you. At the same time we will paint the game lines. In addition, excitingly, we can add your favorite logo to the basketball court for you!


sports tiles quality inspection


We are responsible for our own business! Firstly, the floors we choose have been tested in various environments and still maintain excellent quality, and we are responsible for any quality problems. Secondly, we also provide quality assurance on our own installations.

Cost of backyard basketball court

You decide the cost of building a backyard basketball court at your own discretion. Often, the factors that affect the cost are the size of the backyard, the surface level, and the accessories you need. If you’re looking to turn your court into a place the whole family loves, we recommend choosing a multi-sports design.This doesn’t add a lot to the cost, and all in all, most people will choose it.

backyard basketball court flooring tiles

Home basketball court tiles features

Premium ball bounce

Firstly, the ball bounce rate of our tiles is tested and it meets FIBA requirements. Also, because of our evenly distributed shock absorbers on the bottom (including the joints), the ball bounces in the same direction anywhere on the floor.

Excellent non-slip

Secondly, the texture of the surface increases its anti-slip properties. At the same time, the texture will not scratch the skin if the athlete falls.

Unparalleled shock absorption

In addition, the white shock absorber on the back of the tile improves the impact absorption of the tile, so you don’t have to worry about your family’s joints being hurt during long-term exercise.

Quick dry

Finally, drain holes ensure that the backyard basketball court drains quickly and stays dry at any times.

Our Project

A selection of cases completed independently by Backyard Sport Court, fully designed, built and installed by us.

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