hockey tiles

Hockey tiles

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Backyard Hockey Rink

Build the hockey rink using professional hockey tiles from Backyard Sport Court. Overcome the limitations of the weather, enjoy hockey all year round.

Outdoor roller hockey rink

Get rid of that hard and unsafe concrete hockey rink. Backyard Sport Court will help you build a brand new and safe fitness venue anywhere in your backyard with our multipose sports tiles. In addition, Hockey tiles can be installed outdoors, it will not be damaged by rain and snow, the tiles will dry in a few hours, so you can play at any time.

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Benefits of hockey tiles

We not only provide you with high-performance floors but also provide you with construction solutions including goals, lights, fences and other court accessories.

  • Firstly, the surface of our tiles is treated with a special formula, which will not be scratched by roller shoes, which ensures its durability, so you can use it more than 10 years.
  • Secondly, the joints of the tiles are closely linked and will not affect the speed of sliding.
  • Thirdly, it is safer compared to concrete. Because it has shock-absorbing pads, it means your joints won’t be damaged by the rebound force when you’re done jumping.
  • Finally, it can be made into a multi-sport court. For example, basketball court, tennis court and etc. Build one court and have fun for a variety of sports.

Recognized hockey tiles supplier

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Safety & excent sports experience

Backyard Sport Court aims to provide people with a safe hockey tiles with a excent sports experience. The floor we use has been proven in the market and tested by professional institutions, and its impact absorption capacity is outstanding in the market. Shock absorption is a guarantee for athlete safety, which is why we chose it.

We recommend different products for the needs of different customers, and finally match accessories and customize logos for customers. They worked well when we finished the installation, and the floor’s performance such as rebound passed the test, so the athlete had a good experience.

High Customer Satisfaction

In addition, we have used it to build over 500 sports courts. Over 95 percent of our customers are satisfied with our tiles and services.

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