outdoor shuffleboard court

Outdoor shuffleboard court

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Multiple Size Outdoor Shuffleboard Court Kit

Backyard Sport Court not only offers customers the official standard outdoor shuffleboard court of 10’x52′ but also provides customers with kits in other sizes. Such as, 8’x52′, 6’x52′ and 6’x40′ mini court kits. You can even request custom sizes and make it become a multipurpose court.

High glide quality outdoor shuffleboard court

Our outdoor shuffleboard court is equipped with floor that is most conducive to the smooth gliding of the disc. In addition, it is maintenance-free design, install once, use forever.

Installation in a variety of environments

The surfaces we use are less demanding on the ground. Typically, if you want to play shuffleboard with your family, you need to build a concrete field and then decorate the surface. The shuffleboard surfaces used in the Backyard Sport Court can be installed not only on concrete but also on surfaces such as stone. In other words, it only needs a level ground to install.

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  1. It can be installed and removed many times and the operation process is simple. Because of the clever design of our floor, they are connected by snaps and the durability of the snaps is very good. You can take it back in exceptional circumstances.
  2. Although the floors are connected by snaps, the support posts are evenly distributed at the junctions at the bottom of the floor. In other words, when the disc passes over it, its trajectory and speed are not affected in any way.
  3. What’s more, our floor also has an exclusive patent, windproof and anti-theft design. The floor can be firmly fixed to the ground by the concealed design.
  4. Backyard Sport Court offers more than 15 colors to choose from, you can customize the match.
  5. Don’t worry about the frequent rain in your area affecting the use of outdoor shuffleboard courts, our court floors are designed to be quick-drying and dry completely within 2 hours.

Install Instructions

Backyard Sport Court is headquartered in Kentucky, and we are committed to providing door-to-door service to every client. But if you wish to install it yourself, you can contact us to send the kit to you.


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