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Backyard Sport Court synthetic sports flooring are suitable for the construction and resurfacing of all kinds of sports courts. In addition, we provide installation services and construction solution to our customers in the United States.

Innovative professional modular sports flooring tiles

As a sports court construction company, we pay the most attention to the sports performance, sports experience, safety and durability of the floor when choosing the floor. Our floors not only meet these requirements, but also meet the official FIBA requirements for sports surfaces.

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Most sports involve the rebound of the ball and the bounce of the athlete. They greatly affect the experience of the athlete. Firstly, our floors have great shock absorption while having unparalleled ball bounce. Because we have built-in shock absorbers at the bottom of the floor. The shock absorber is made of white high elastic material, it can still maintain a good shock absorption effect after repeated use. Choosing sports court tiles with shock absorption is a great protection for the athlete’s joints.

Floor Tiles Options

We have a wide selection of indoor and outdoor sports flooring. So no matter what the sport court is, we have floors that perform well. In addition, you can also contact us directly to be served by our sales staff.

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Outdoor Flooring

The best outdoor basketball court flooring!

Firstly,Its surface has evenly distributed drainage holes to ensure that the floor can be used in a variety of environments and it can dry in a few hours.

Additionally, our interior floors are more durable than materials such as PVC and acrylic. They are made of high-strength PP plastic and the structural column strength of the floor is designed to meet the requirements of use, so it has a ten-year warranty and can be used for life.

Last but not least, it can be applied to many kinds of sports courts, such as basketball court, tennis court, pickleball court and so on. It is ideal for building multi-purpose sports courts.

Indoor Flooring

Ideal sports flooring choice for indoor sports court.

Firstly, its surface is flat and non-slip, and when we help you complete the construction of your indoor courts, it will be one piece and seamless.

Secondly, its shock absorber not only saves the construction cost but also provides the function of noise reduction.

In addition, its surface has been treated with abrasion resistance, the floor will not be easily scratched, so it will last longer.

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