kids basketball hoop

Kids basketball hoop

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ZSFloor provides mobile kids basketball hoop, elevating basketball hoop, buried basketball hoop, and wall-mounted basketball hoop, which are suitable for different scenarios and meet your all-round needs. In additation, all basketball hoops have a height adjustment system so both you and your kids can use it.

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Our kids basketball hoop Advantages

1. Tempered glass backboard & Aluminum alloy frame

First of all, the glass we use has been treated to be wear-resistant. It will not be damaged by UV rays or sharp objects like a plastic backboard. You can use it for more than 10 years. Secondly, the frame and the glass are ingeniously matched. They not only have a strong load-bearing capacity, but also can subtly disperse the force after being connected, which improves their service life.

2. Spring to add guard plate

It spreads the force of the dunk over the entire frame to protect the rim, so you can dunk without worry! In addition, we protect the spring area by professional installation, and its service life is increased by more than 30%.

3. Extra long arm

The arms of the kids basketball hoop are retractable. In other words, when there is enough area in front of the basketball court, you can use a longer arm length to increase the distance between the basketball post and the basketball court to protect the safety of the children. If there is not enough area in front, you can install it with the arm length shortened. In other words, the basketball hoop can be installed and used in any environment because of its long arms.

4. Removable hand crank

When the kids want to play, you can easily adjust the height of the basketball hoop using the handle. Because we added auxiliary oil to it, everything is easier to adjust, even the little ones can do it on their own. What’s more, the adjustment handle is easily removable, when you want to keep the standard height, you can remove the handle if you want.

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