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Tennis Court Builder

We provide custom tennis court construction service. Backyard Sport Court is a professional tennis court builder in the United States. Whether it’s a tennis court resurfacing, a new tennis court concrete base or a multi-purpose sports court, our extensive experience teams guarantees we can finish it and running within weeks.

Certified Tennis Court Construction Company

Our company is located in Kentucky and is certified and licensed to build. We provide tennis courts, basketball courts and other sports courts construction services for local private backyards, schools, clubs, gymnasiums and sports event organizers.

If you’re in another state, don’t worry about distance, we provide door-to-door installation services to customers throughout the country. Because our teams are located on all continents and we have our own partners in many regions.

We provide a complete set of solutions for design, transportation, installation, lines drawing, etc. Therefore, customers have given us high marks, so we are honored to be chosen by some new customers. Finally, we have built more than 500 sports courts.

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Tennis Court Surfaces

The tiles we have selected are specially designed for tennis court construction. It has become the most professional tennis floor with its double-layer structure and good shock absorption.

Suitable for small balls

Its surface has a double cross-shaped texture, so that its voids are significantly reduced. No matter where a small ball, such as a tennis ball, lands on it, its rebound will not be affected. In other words, it has a consistent ball bounce.

Good shock absorption

For most sports, the quality of surface shock absorption affects the health of the athlete’s ankle joint. Tennis is no exception, players need to move and bounce fast and they need protection. Our floors have added built-in reinforced shock absorbers to protect the athlete’s joints.

Maintenance free

Our synthetic floors require no maintenance, and when it gets dirty you just need to clean it up with a broom and mop.

Our Work – Customized Tennis Court Construction

Briefly describe how we provide tennis court construction services to our clients.

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Tennis court and basketball court

Step 1: Firstly, we know that Jake wants to rebuild sport court and we clear the court for him. At the same time, we discussed design ideas together, and finally he chose to build a multi-functional sports court, so the whole family can use it.

Step 2: When we had finished cleaning the old concrete, then we started installing the tennis floor that doesn’t require maintenance. In addition, we drew the game lines for him.

Step 3: Jake also purchased a new basketball hoop and tennis net from us. We shipped them in and installed them in place.



Project Duration:

2 week

Project Source:

Florida, USA, 2021

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