portable tennis net

Portable tennis net

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Easy to install portable tennis net

Use the world’s most popular portable tennis net, complete the system installation in 2 minutes, and quickly play tennis. Our kit comes in official size and is 18 feet long, so you can easily take it anywhere, so it is loved by a wide range of tennis lovers.

metal tennis net on backyard tennis court

Product introduction

  • Length: 18 feet
  • Height: 30″ – 64″
  • Weight: 300 lbs
  • Net: replaceable

Portable tennis net advantages

Firstly, we outfitted it with a zippered carrying backpack. You can stow the entire system inside. Secondly, it comes with counterweights that don’t need to be fixed to the ground, so you can use it for indoor as well as outdoor locations. Thirdly, our mesh is durable enough and replaceable. If the net is accidentally damaged, you can keep the frame and purchase a replacement net from us separately. Finally, our frames are all coated with a high-quality anti-rust paint, which smells like it won’t rust even when exposed to rain.

Fixed Tennis Poles

At the same time, we also provide fixed tennis rod installation services. It has better performance in aging resistance and impact resistance than portable tennis net. Therefore, it is a more commonly used choice for professional tennis courts.

Fixed Tennis Poles Advantages

3 mm tennis poles

All aluminum material

The structure of the tennis poles is all made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and has a thickness of 3mm. In other words, it will never rust and hardly be damaged by external forces. Therefore, we dare to challenge the lifetime service life.

tennis net height adjustment system

Pure copper gear

Pure copper gears are used in the height adjustment system. It is more durable and turns more smoothly.

poles‘ screw

Automatic locking device

It is equipped with anti-rebound gears when you stop turning the height adjustment handle. It locks automatically, preventing the net from moving. In addition, it is also a copper material.

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